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New Items

Introducing the "Poopy Perch"!

Did you know that you can potty-train your birdy buddy? I invented a paper towel-holder perch that makes it a breeze! Spending time with my Cockatiel "Yondu" used to be a messy ordeal, now I don't know how I lived without his "Poopy Perch". The paper towel dispenser is so convenient and...

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Save While We're Away!

We are on vacation until Jan 16th. You can still place orders with an extended lead-time, and in appreciation for your patience we are offering a limited-time 12%-off coupon! LATESHIP12 applies to your entire order, and is only available until Jan 16th. Crafting and order fulfillment will resume at that time. Have a wonderful 2023!

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Our Popular Rustic Chess Sets are Back!

Customers are shopping for Chess sets in record numbers, following the success of the Netflix hit "Queen's Gambit"! We have several unique options available (all handcrafted right here in Michigan), and today I'm proud to announce the arrival of our

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Inexpensive Gifts for the "Manly" Man

Introducing a fun line of 2x4 signs that won't break the bank. Perfect for woodworkers and carpenters who have a sense of humor!

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Mind-Bogglingly Big Boggle..

If "regular" or even "big" Boggle isn't satisfying your game-night lust for polysyllabic word discovery, perhaps this 6x6 "SUPER" Big Boggle set will make your life complete. All wood, and of course, tediously handmade for heirloom-level quality. Features some fun new cubes, like a multi-letter "digram", and a block cube that forces challenging detours.

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