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New Items

Inexpensive Gifts for the "Manly" Man

Introducing a fun line of 2x4 signs that won't break the bank. Perfect for woodworkers and carpenters who have a sense of humor!

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Mind-Bogglingly Big Boggle..

If "regular" or even "big" Boggle isn't satisfying your game-night lust for polysyllabic word discovery, perhaps this 6x6 "SUPER" Big Boggle set will make your life complete. All wood, and of course, tediously handmade for heirloom-level quality. Features some fun new cubes, like a multi-letter "digram", and a block cube that forces challenging detours.

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Updates to the "Armory"!

It's "that" time of year again, and our wooden weaponry is more popular than ever! We've been adding some cool new items, including this massive double-bladed battle axe from The Lord of the Rings!

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I'm Dreaming of a White Table Number!

All of our items are customizable by request, so this variation of our table number slices has technically been "available" for years. However, I think seeing is believing..

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New Promo Video for 2019!

We just put together a short introductory video to our family, homestead and business. Check out a few of the shenanigans going on behind the scenes here!


Video on our "About Us" page and below:

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