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Order a Custom Item

stitching a stuffed pony

  So you have an idea for something special, do you? Well, you've come to the right place! Honestly, custom orders are the most satisfying and enjoyable aspect of our little business, and many of our products have stemmed from commission projects. Whether you'd simply like a personal touch added to one of our standard items, or would like us to craft something completely unique, we will happily discuss the details with you and offer a quote as soon as possible.


custom wooden sword with talon pommel

How are custom orders placed?

  Once you are satisfied with the quote for your custom product, we will email you a custom invoice. Construction time will be discussed beforehand. You may be provided with sketches or a sign layout proof before construction begins.




  If you're nervous about placing a large custom order, you can request a "half up front, half upon completion" transaction. In which case, you will be required to pay one-half of the order total (minus shipping) before we begin construction of your product. Once the item is completed, you will be provided with pictures and the second part of of the bill. The item will ship once it's fully paid for.




Customers who commission us to do custom work are typically very satisfied. Check out what a few of these gracious folks have to say:

"I contacted [the Lund family] to inquire about a set of their checker pieces, and to see if they could fashion a storage box/case for them. They responded within minutes (seriously!) ...... I was pleasantly surprised to see that the product was hand-wrapped, and the storage box and checker pieces were clearly hand-crafted specifically for my order. The workmanship was top-notch, and exceeded my expectations, and at a very fair price." --Jesse


"Wow! You are so talented! The special furniture you thoughtfully designed and made for me, with its chunky size and its rounded edges, is absolutely perfect for my toddler! I love, love, love it! Even my 6 year-old and my 11 year old boys can't stay away from it. What a treasure...thank you so much!" --Heather


"The sign that they did for me could not have come out any more perfect. It was the right size and the lettering was just the way I asked them to do it. Will definitely come back if I need a personalized sign for sure!!!!!!!!"


"Upon ordering, they were very helpful in working with me to add personal touches! It arrived very quickly and it is PERFECT! I was also was thrilled to be ordering from a UP family business as i attended school in marquette ..... Thank you for the polite and friendly customer service and timely shipping!"


Go ahead and send us a note--it doesn't hurt to ask, right? :o)