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Introducing the "Poopy Perch"!

Did you know that you can potty-train your birdy buddy? I invented a paper towel-holder perch that makes it a breeze! Spending time with my Cockatiel "Yondu" used to be a messy ordeal, now I don't know how I lived without his "Poopy Perch". The paper towel dispenser is so convenient and looks amazing! Made with sturdy hardwoods and finished with a nontoxic lacquer, it's built to last a lifetime.



Some potty-training tips:

Place your bird on his Poopy Perch immediately, every time you take him out of the cage. Leave him there until he poops (this could take a while the first couple times, but my 'tiel caught on quickly and does his business quickly). Next, determine your bird's natural pooping frequency, and place him on the perch a minute or two before he would normally go. For Yondu, this was about 10 minutes. Reward him verbally or with a treat every time he poops on the perch and remove him immediately. Your bird can learn to "hold it", and you can gradually increase the pooping intervals as he gets the idea. In time, you won't need to be too concerned about watching the clock as he'll tend to wait for his Poopy Perch time to relieve himself.



Get your Poopy Perch here!


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