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New Items

New Variation of Our Log Slice Chess Set

These new chess pieces are a lower-cost alternative to our lathe-turned sets, and the unique style shows off the rustic bark. The minimalistic design would compliment anything from a woodsy man-cave to a modern apartment.

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We just learned all about cake pops!

Here's a little confession: after being asked if I could make a "cake pop log" earlier this year, I responded with "yes". Then I proceeded to ask Google exactly what that meant..

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Yay, DC Finally Made a Good Movie!

And along with it, an awesome sword for Wonder Woman to wield; the God Killer! This weapon makes dressing up as our favorite Amazon that much more appealing. However, many conventions don't allow steel weaponry--this carefully crafted wooden replica may be just what you need!

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Tree branch coat hooks--made by mother nature!

I love being able to use the whole tree to make our various items, leaving almost no waste behind. These hangers are carefully selected from the upper branches, and are surprisingly strong for their size. Mother nature's engineering at work!

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Here's an un-opbtrusive splash of pallet decor for your home!

It's about time we made something pretty from the heaps of old pallets lying around! I love how the contrasting shades of weathered pallet wood bring the scene to life. The pieces are held together by a....

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