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Kids Top Spinner Launcher Wooden Toy Spinning Tops Fun Game-thatfamilyshop.com

Kids Top Spinner Launcher Wooden Toy Spinning Tops Fun Game

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--Disclaimer: This toy is extremely addictive! :o)

Simply pull the cord for a furious, long-lasting spin. Easily and quickly rewinds. Any youngster can figure it out, and once they do, there's no stopping them!

Hand turned on the lathe. Made from a hunk of hard wood, this baby is really solid and will be a forever toy in your family! The children who play with it now can rest assured that their children and grandchildren will also have the chance to spin it! :-)

Includes a 4" tall spin top (more tops can be made for the same launcher upon request), a launching handle that measures 7" long and a pull string with knob.

STOCK PHOTOS. Made to order; please allow up to a week or two for construction time. Yours will be made exactly the same way, but as with all things handmade, may have subtle differences. :o)

Thanks for looking! :o)

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