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Catapult Launcher and Castles Natural Wooden Game Eco Friendly Play Set-thatfamilyshop.com

Catapult Launcher and Castles Natural Wooden Game Eco Friendly Play Set

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"Caption, we're under attack!"
"Man the catapults!"
"Load the launchers!"
"Aim...and... FIRE!"

Your child will love the thrill of this imaginative, two person, no taking turns, nonstop action, creative game!

Simply load your launcher with the lightweight little wooden bullet, aim at your opponent's castle and fire. But hurry! You need to knock over all of the pieces over before your own castle crumbles under the onslaught!

This was a well thought out, handmade gift under our Christmas tree a few years back... one that was played with for hours everyday clear through New Years! We call it, "Castlepults".

Kids love the constant nail-biting action, as well as the open ended imaginative freedom this game allows: Try building any kind of castle shape you want! Combine the castle pieces together and race to topple it. Knock only select pieces off without crumbling the rest! Put army men on the walls and try to knock them off without crumbling your castle.

All natural, untreated, natural Ponderosa Pine pieces, sanded silky smooth.

This compact 25 piece set includes:
(2) Catapult launchers w/ rubber bands (you may need to replace the bands occasionally)
(10) Castle wall pieces
(12) Lightweight wooden balls (approx. 1'' diameter)
(1) Drawstring carrying bag

CHOKING HAZARD! Ammo balls are 1'', and should be kept away from young children at all times.

Made to order: Please allow 7-14 days completion time before the toy will ship.

Additional catapult launchers and ammo balls available HERE.

----What folks are saying:-------------------
"I would say it was the most incredibly fun toy ever!! I love the fact that is its basically 100% wood and just feels so GOOD to play with. Solomon loves loves loves it but probably not as much as I do, haha! We have only had it a couple days now and I've had more fun than i've had in months! I was playing with it with Solomon and Sera today and we were laughing and giggling so much. Solomon has surprisingly good aim, too.

So please tell whoever made it (your brothers?) that it is fantastic! I even posted it on facebook and recommended it to all my friends. I think everyone should have one of these!" Morielle D

~~Thanks for looking!!!~~ :)

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