Rustic Wedding Burned Log Table Numbers Wood Bark Country

Rustic Wedding Burned Log Table Numbers Wood Bark Country Decor

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Add a touch of rustic charm to your special day with these beautiful hardwood ash table numbers! The ash wood bark is beautiful; naturally tastefully sprinkled with bits of moss still clinging to it for that rugged beauty, while the rich color of the wood reflects candle light with a vibrant air of excellency!

Each number is sanded smooth, hand-burned and finished with a coat of 100% natural hempseed oil to bring out the natural color of the wood.

Each wood round measures approx. 4.5 inches in diameter (bottom edge has been flattened so the rounds won't roll) and about 1.25" thick, giving your guests a good amount of the lovely rustic bark to look at!

Price is per piece.

Please review our shipping policies carefully before purchasing.

STOCK PHOTOS; Made to order. This item may require up to two weeks to be dried and crafted. Please contact us for options if you are in a rush.

Regarding the nature of rustic wood: We do our best to use photos of typical pieces that will resemble the product you receive as closely as possible. Please note, however, that no two pieces will ever look identical. Your item may or may not contain certain features displayed such as knots, darkened heartwood, shrinkage cracks, etc. We will always try to use the wood's natural character to the item's artistic advantage. Please do not consider these irregularities to be imperfections unless they somehow drastically hinder the function of the piece.

Thanks for looking, and have a wonderful day!

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