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Gimli's Throwing Axe Lord of the Rings Wooden Replica Boys Toy-thatfamilyshop.com

Gimli's Throwing Axe Lord of the Rings Wooden Replica Boys Toy

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For the boy who's grown bored of the typical sword... how about a wooden axe? Not just any wooden axe mind you, but a replica of one of Gimli's throwing axes from the Lord of the Rings movie!

The axe head is made from plywood and it's sunk into a lightweight pine handle that has been lightly burned black. Features a decorative hand wood burning job on the head, similar to the detail on Gimli's walking axe from the movie.

Measures approx. 16" from the tip of the axe to the bottom of the handle. Axe head is 5" across. Finished with our own beeswax and natural olive oil.

Sure to be a well loved, forever in the family toy! Perfect for any (fairly responsible) age! Even the teenagers in this house love these things!

Made to order! Please allow 3-7 days completion time!

[Last pic: John Rhys-Davies himself signed one of our Gimli throwing axes, which was later auctioned at Hal-Con 2012! How cool is that? :D]


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