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フ與wyn's Sword Lord of the Rings Wooden Replica Rohan Weapon Movie/Costume Prop-thatfamilyshop.com

Eowyn's Sword Lord of the Rings Wooden Replica Rohan Weapon Movie/Costume Prop

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"I am no man."

And this sword is no mere child's toy.

Gallant enough to be wielded by any person of honest nobility, and strong enough to slay any evil, (Witch Kings are its specialty ;o) ), the detail on this sword is absolutely incredible. Rohan horse heads carved and burned into the guard, fully hand burned hilt, and tiny burned horses on the pummel with more tiny detailed burned decorations throughout; this sword is eye candy!

Wood burned intricacies match フ與wyn's from the Lord of the Ring's movie with enough attention to detail to thrill the biggest Lord of the Ring's fan!

Made from assorted hardwoods, sanded silky smooth to the touch and finished with all natural beeswax and oils--you won't be able to stop palming it!

Measures 28" long. Guard is 3.5" across. Handel is just over 4" and back pummel is 2.25" wide.

(Full movie size is approx. 36" long. Contact us if you're interested in a full size option and we'll give you a quote!)


Want a behind-the-scenes look at the creation process of these swords? Check out this blog post: http://www.thatfamilyblog.com/2015/10/the-birth-of-sword.html

~~Thanks for looking!!~~ :)

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