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Boys Toy Gun Wooden Pistol/Colt Replica Cowboy Prop

Regular price $40.00

This listing is for one (1) toy gun. Choose between natural and burned black handles (please specify!).

This listing is for my 8yr old brother's single most played with toy: his wooden cowboy pistol replica. Together they can be found chasing down the enemy, hiding behind corners, running and diving in the front yard and saving the world, day after day...

It's creation was a labor of love for little brothers 8th birthday. Big brother wanted to create something realistic enough to warrant the everyday play of his little brother... I'd say he succeeded!

The hardwood handle has been carved down to fit easily and comfortably in any youngster's hand. Barrel measures approx. 8in.

Natural, untreated hard and poplar woods.

Made to order. Please allow 2-3 days after purchasing for shipping to take place.

~~Thanks for looking!~~ :)

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