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Table Hockey--Nonstop Action! Wooden Classic Family Table-Top Fun Puckett Game

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Once again, a unanimous favorite from a "handmade Christmas" of ours, makes its appearance on our store shelf to delight your family as well!

Turn-free action games are the way these kids like to play, especially those kind of games that anyone can play but only practice and skill can master. And that perfectly describes Puckett!

Here are the uber-simple playing instructions:
Open the board between players and divide pucks evenly, placing 8 on either side. On the count of three, begin snapping pucks (using the attached rubber bands) through the slot in the center court divider onto the other player's side. First person to empty their court of pucks wins!

Game includes 16 pucks, bag and folding playing board, which closes with a clasp for storage. Board (when closed) measures 13" long by 11.5" wide and 4.5" high. Entire game is finished with 100% natural hempseed oil.

Made to order. Please allow a week or two of construction time.

Note: the last picture shows the family pouring over our game last Christmas--that one is not for sale! :D

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