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Cute Horsey Wooden Comb Hand Carved Natural Horse Head Handle-thatfamilyshop.com

Cute Horsey Wooden Comb Hand Carved Natural Horse Head Handle

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Lovely, simple, thin, soft, handcrafted, beautiful, strong, horsey, what more could a girl want? Seriously, this is the ultimate girls gift!

These wooden combs are a simply wonderful alternative to a plastic 'made in China' hair brush! They work so well, I couldn't have been more pleased. Those who use exclusively wooden combs have reported: more natural curls, faster hair growth, no static electricity, fuller, softer hair, a healthier scalp, less hair loss, and more natural shine and luster. Perfect for long or delicate hair!

This comb is made of hardwood Maple has been treated with a nontoxic eco-friendly laqcuer and measures approx: 3.5" by 4".

Made to order; please allow a few days construction time before this item will ship.

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