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Toy Castle Dollhouse Wooden Play Kids Medieval Towers Natural Waldorf - thatfamilyshop.com

Toy Castle Dollhouse Wooden Play Kids Medieval Towers Natural Waldorf

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This toy is brought to you, after wining by a long shot in a popularity contest among our little siblings!

This castle is made from natural, unfinished Ponderosa Pine. It features two towers, an open back, lookout platform and opening door, with a little drop-bar latch. All the details hand wood burned on, so they will never wear off!

Castle measures approx. 15" wide at the widest point (top of the towers) and 9" long. Stands 10" high at the top of the towers. Very solid and sturdy, being built with both glue and brad nails. Sanded silky smooth and rounded on all edges.

Several years ago, my brother made a castle dollhouse like this one for his younger siblings and because it's still in beautiful shape and receiving daily attention from little hands, we decided it just had to be available in our toy shop! :-)

Perfect for girls or boys! This simple design fits into all kinds of styles of play. I've walked in to see ours covered with army men, super hero's, Disney princess dolls, Polly people, dollhouse family people and you name it! Whatever they're playing with, this castle is never left out! :)

When asked if there were any ways at all that this design could be improved, all the kids adamantly shook their heads, insisting that it is perfect just the way it is--very simple and open-ended for all kinds of imaginative play!

Sure to become a family heirloom toy that will be in use forever!!!

MADE TO ORDER. Please allow us 7-14 days to construct this toy for you!

---What folks are saying:---
erinstitches says:
"Gorgeous castle! So much nicer than the plastic junk in stores! Can hardly wait to see Wee One's face Christmas morning..."
Sarah May says:
"It will be much played with. Many thanks."

Thanks for looking! :o)

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