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Rainbow Gnome Set / Snow White's Seven Dwarfs Emotive Elves Natural Waldorf Easter Basket Toys-thatfamilyshop.com

Rainbow Gnome Set / Snow White's Seven Dwarfs Emotive Elves Natural Waldorf Easter Basket Toys

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Well, aren't these little gentlemen just the cutest thing you'll meet today?? I giggled the whole while I was stitching their emotive personality's into their faces and packing their rounded little bellies with stuffing!

Meet: Happy (yellow), Sneezey (red), Bashful (purple), Sleepy (light blue), Dopey (green), Grumpy (burgundy) and Doc (blue).

With all the garbage shown on TV and all the toxic plastic toys on the shelf, perhaps it's time to return the old fashioned classics for our little ones! Wouldn't this natural, cute, emotive set be a lovely gift, perhaps paired with the lovely princess or Disney movie for a lucky young person?!

(Snow White doll also available!: http://www.etsy.com/listing/82410415/snow-white-doll-knitted-disney-princess)

Great for party favors, Easter Basket fillers, baby shower gift set, stocking stuffers and much more!

Dwarf/Gnomes stand just over 5in. tall.

All pieces stitched securely; a perfect play set for curious, little hands! This bearded, rounded-bellied, little group is sure to entertain and quickly become a family heirloom!

Dwarf/Gnome set is completely natural, being stitched in soft Peruvian wool and stuffed with clean, fluffy wool from our very own flock of sheep! :) (To see the wool stuffing process, check out the bottom picture: 1. First cuddle the soft sheepie to reassure em. 2. Then shear the wool off their back. 3. Next carefully wash the wool several times. 4 Card the wool into fluffy bats. 5. Stuff wool into knitted body to bring the life into the character. 6. Finally: let the baby play and snuggle to his/her heart's content! :-)

Wool is the perfect choice for toys, because it warms up against the body heat of the child's little hands and is slightly heavier, making the toy feel all the more life like. I've already noticed my little sister seems to really prefer these toys over previous polyester-filled ones that I've made her. Wool also repels dust and mites and is very healthy, clean and natural feeling; soft and warm.

Hand wash with care! Swish in warm soapy water, rinse and gently squeeze out the water. Lay flat to dry.

MADE TO ORDER--please allow me 7-12 days to knit this set up for you!

Thanks for looking! :o)

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