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Lavender Soap - 12 Bars Natural Probiotic Shampoo/General Purpose

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--This listing is for 12 bars!--

Our probiotic Lavender soap is quickly becoming a favorite for many of our customers!

It is formulated to be a shampoo bar, but works great as a general-purpose kitchen and bath bar as well. The recipe includes Olive oil and Castor oil, both known for their excellent moisturizing properties. Hempseed oil gives it a silky texture, and Coconut oil lends a luxurious lather. Scented with pure Lavender essential oil, this soap fills your bathroom with a pleasing fragrance.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Hemp Oil, Olive Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Activated Efficient Microbes, Saponified (neutralized) Sodium Hydroxide

As always, our soap is made with probiotic EM's (efficient microbes) which include phototropic bacteria for natural, high powered defense against toxins and pathogenic bacteria. Enzymatic action makes this soap excel at breaking down tough stains and greasy, grimy dirt. To put it simply, our soap is fortified with good buggies to fight nasty buggies.. All this, plus a luxurious, thick lather and baby skin gentleness.

Our soap is truly unique in that it has so many applications combined in one product, and exceptional at all of them. It will save you money and improve health everywhere that it is used.

• Shampoo •

Home 'n Stead Probiotic Soap makes a fabulous shampoo bar. It easily works up a thick, luxurious lather that rinses super clean and leaves no residue to weigh the hair down. Hair will be bouncy and shiny. Previously straight and limp hair may develop a soft wave.

Use Home 'n Stead Probiotic Soap regularly and exclusively to remove old residue built up on your hair from commercial products, and watch the transformation. In a short time, you will have healthy shine and body, and will find that you no longer need a hair dryer, curling iron, and hair sprays to keep your hair looking great all day, and even for days after washing. For extra silkiness, follow shampoo with a vinegar or EM rinse.

• Bath Bar •

Use as a bath bar for the whole family, including infants and those with sensitive skin. It will not dry out skin and is very gentle, and long lasting (best to use a soap dish so that it dries out between uses).

• Hands •

It will make men very happy, as it cuts through the greasiest, toughest dirt with no harsh chemicals to dry and chap hands. It will also make moms happy, as it provides natural defense against germs, unhealthy bacteria and toxins.

• Dishes •

Dishes will get sparkly clean, while hands will stay young looking, soft and moist, without being greasy. Save bundles by not having to buy toxic latex gloves or chemical laden lotions. To use in the dishwater, simply run warm water over the bar while filling up the sink, rubbing the bar between hands or dish cloth to work up a sudsy water.

(We have used natural dish soaps or plain borax for 13 years, but it wasn't until we started using our EM probiotic soap to wash dishes that the dishwashers in the family stopped complaining about dried out and cracking hands. We have 10 people in the family and do all of our dishes by hand. It is truly a blessing to have spot-free, shiny clean dishes and soft hands.)

• Laundry •

Pretreat stains by rubbing moistened bar on them, if desired (often works without needing to pretreat stains). Shred desired amount of soap into a dish of hot water and add to load, or add straight to a hot load (2-4 Tablespoons per load). We also have instructions for making your own dirt-cheap laundry detergent using probiotic soap at this link: http://home-n-stead.com/soaps/homemade_laundry_detergent.html

• Walls, floors, appliances, general cleaning •

Grate soap into a bucket of warm water. Cuts through greasy, grimy dirt while leaving hands comfortably soft. Also, the liquid laundry detergent recipe referred to above makes an excellent cleaner (about 1/4 c. to 1/2 gallon of warm water, or more concentrated for really tough jobs).

What makes Home 'n Stead Probiotic Soap so special?

Like many homemade soaps, Home 'n Stead Probiotic Soap is made with an old fashioned, cold process method. This soap making method leaves the glycerin in the soap, which moisturizes the skin. Most people who have tried homemade soaps find them to be excellent cleaners without the irritating, drying effect that manufactured soaps can have. Our soap also has no toxic chemicals added and is made with only natural ingredients.

The ingredient that sets Home 'n Stead Probiotic Soap apart from most other homemade soaps is its EM's (efficient microbes). EM's are beneficial bacteria which are known to consume toxic material and defend against pathogenic bacteria. They include a unique strain of bacteria called phototropic bacteria which have been used around the world to restore toxic waterways to health, to rejuvenate soils, to improve the longevity and remove the toxicity of building materials and to make beneficial supplements for animal and human consumption. These phototropic bacteria survive high heat, and can even be encapsulated in ceramic. EM ceramic powder is added to the soap, in addition to activated EM, to further ensure the presence of these beneficial bacteria in the soap.

It is also unique in that it is made by families who are committed to living gently on the Earth, raising children who are respectful of all life and of the Laws of the Creator.

NOTE: This listing is for TWELVE large 4oz bars of Lavender EM soap.

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