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Chunky Body, Boys Custom Character Doll, Super Hero, Disney Character, You Choose, Natural Wool Materials-thatfamilyshop.com

Chunky Body, Boys Custom Character Doll, Super Hero, Character, You Choose, Natural Wool Materials

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"Wow Mary, he's really cool!" my youngest brother said as he watched me tie off the last thread. "I mean, Iron Man is cool, but I think your doll is actually just as cool!" :)

CHOOSE your own Super-Hero, movie, or book character and I will create him specially for you!

This listing is for a chunkier, more baby friendly, body type with simple, sweet face stitching. I find this pattern is more appreciated by babies and toddlers, 1-3 year olds. I also offer a slenderer doll body type, with more detailed face, which is a more 'kid friendly' (4-8 year old) doll option, as well as girl doll variations.

Simply specify the character you would like for me to replicate in the “special notes" box at checkout, along with any other requests. If you would like to send me a picture(s), have any questions or special requests, feel free to contact us

I make all my dolls without patterns, but I can replicate the dolls shown very closely, if you would like one of the dolls pictured. Simply specify.

Your doll will measure approx. 7"-8" in height and will be stitched firm enough to hold up to rowdy play, while being soft and squishy enough to take to bed. ;)

Hand wash with care! Swish in warm soapy water, rinse and gently squeeze out the water. Lay flat to dry.

(I am not affiliated with M***el Comics in any way. All characterization credit goes to Mr. Stan Lee himself! :)

-----What folks are saying:------
"My 2 year old spotted Gaston and will not give him back. I don't know if I have ever seen them love a toy so much and so instant lol!! I love how these 2 turned out, and I love their size! Just adorable :)"

"Words cannot describe how happy my son and I am with the custom ordered Hawk Eye from the Avengers. The fact that this was created from Mary looking at a picture is just mindboggling. What a talent! Very well made and I'm sure my son will love him for years to come, because he is the only one! Thank you again for sharing your talent!"

"These are absolutely amazing! I can't believe the quality and detail. My toy story loving son will be ecstatic!"

"All 3 superheros look great! Thanks so much! My 4 year old son will adore these. Fast shipping, too! "

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