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Baby Toy Ring Stacker Monkey

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Awwwwww, isn't he just adorable!?!

The bottom (largest) ring has a cute little tail stitched on it, the middle ring (medium) is the belly, the top ring (smallest) has two little arms. The head has a lined hole that fits on top of the pole with baby-ease. All the rings, tail and arms are easy for babies to grip and perfectly safe for them to chew and play with!

From the bottom of the stand to the top of his head, he measures 9.5" The base of the stand measures 5.5" across.

The monkey is knit in a soft Peruvian Highland wool and stuffed with our own processed wool from our little flock of Icelandic sheep!

Wool is the perfect choice for toys, because it warms up against the body heat of the child's little hands and is slightly heavier, making the toy feel all the more life like.

Hand wash with care! Swish in warm soapy water, rinse gently and squeeze out the water. Lay flat to dry.

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