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Foam Dispenser for our Probiotic Soap

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Announcing the ultimate in convenience and simplicity for natural soap lovers!!! Now you can have the same convenience as alcohol based hand sanitizers with the effectiveness of real soap and water!

This will save you money and keep your counters uncluttered and fresh looking. The cap locks so you can pack it in your brief case, suitcase, diaper bag or purse and keep your hands naturally clean and soft wherever you go.

Hand washing
Quick sink and countertop clean-ups
Babies: faces, fingers and bums :)
Use with cloth, kleenex or paper towels in place of wet wipes.

As you can see in the picture, these dispensers come in a larger 8oz counter top style, AND a smaller purse-sized (or plane carry-on size!) 1.7 oz bottle.

Directions for use:
Three of our bar soaps dissolve best in these pumps: Luv'n Life Perfect Balance, Luv'n Life Extra Moisturizing Soap, and Home 'n Stead Lavender Probiotic Soap. Simply place a few shavings in the bottom of the dispenser (one will do for the small pump) and fill with warm, clean water. Distilled, spring or clean well water recommended; if using tap water, it's best to leave the water exposed to air over night to dispel chlorine. The soap will dissolve completely and form a thick, creamy lather. Ready to use in just a few moments. No need to wait for the chips to fully dissolve before use.

For easy refill, you can purchase bags of soap chips.

Soap and water is recommended by the CDC over hand-sanitizers (http://www.cdc.gov/handwashing/). Removes germs better than alcohol sanitizers without the drying, irritating and toxic effects. Study by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that outbreaks of norovirus were 6 times more likely in facilities that use alcohol sanitizers over those that use soap and water. ( http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/the-hot-button/hand-sanitizer-is-useless-against-the-norovirus-cdc-research/article7379053/ )

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