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Match Me Doll Mini Me Custom Knit

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I couldn't help but giggle as I was completing this doll to match my little sister (for Christmas--shh!! ;). It was so much fun to make a mini-her, and I'm super thrilled to offer you a custom doll to match your special little somebody--there's nothing like playing with a little you! ;)

Simply send me a picture(s) of your little person (in an outfit/hairstyle you'd like the doll to match) and I'll send you a sweet little replica :)! (Keep in mind that the doll may vary somewhat; if the child is wearing floral or checkered patterns, it may be simplified to the nearest solid color, etc.)

These dolls stand about 6" tall (note that the blue doll shown was requested a bit taller at 8" instead of the standard 6". If you have a specific size in mind, please contact us for a quote!).

Your doll will be hand knit with 100% soft Peruvian Highland wool, and stuffed with clean, fluffy wool from our very own flock of sheep! :)

Hand wash with care! Swish in warm soapy water, rinse gently and squeeze out the water. Lay flat to dry.

---Made to order: please allow 7-14 days for us to knit him/her up for you.---

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