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Unique Horsehair Bracelet *Personalized Wooden Heart Charm* Custom Made With Your Horse's Hair!-thatfamilyshop.com

Unique Horsehair Bracelet *Personalized Wooden Heart Charm* Custom Made With Your Horse's Hair!

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Being the horse lover that I am, I'm always looking for ways to become closer and more connected with my babies. So, I designed these unique, special bracelets. The horse hair combined with the wood makes them comfortable to wear and feel very natural against your skin.

Each bracelet will be custom made from the hair of YOUR horse's tail.

You will need to cut a small section of hair (a bit thicker than the width of a pencil) from the longest part of your horses tail (right in the middle under the tail bone is typically the best choice). Be sure to get a bit of each color if your horse is a paint, or just has a pretty tail :). Rubber band the hair at the top, wind it up, and send it to me (the shipping cost will be yours). I will wash the hair with warm water and a mild soap (to leave your horse's natural shine), before constructing your bracelet.

Heart shaped pendent will have YOUR horse's name delicately wood burned on it. Please specify in "special notes" box at checkout your horse's name.

The wooden end caps have three small wood burned horse shoes on them. All wood pieces are finished with natural hemp-seed oil. Bracelets are braided using a four strand, round braiding method, and are made to fit an average woman's wrist, about 7 1/2" long, with a bit of give or take with the chain. (Special sizing available upon request.)

If you don't own a horse but would still like one of these beautiful bracelets, we have many horses and colors you could choose from. Just specify a color when ordering!

These are a very special keepsake and make fantastic gifts for loved ones, or yourself ;).

--After purchasing this listing, please contact us for our address to send your horse's hair!---

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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