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Bananas: Palomino Pony Natural Wool Stuffed Animal Baby Toy Waldorf Horse-thatfamilyshop.com

Bananas: Palomino Pony Natural Wool Stuffed Animal Baby Toy Waldorf Horse

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Banana's lives at a rescue ranch in Arizona, where her calm, trusting personality helps abused horses learn to trust humans again.

Personality: Sweet
Breed: Palomino
Sex: Mare
Coloring: Cream body, white mane, tail and hooves.
Special Feature: Big girl!

Your pony will be made upon purchase and may have subtle differences to the one shown, as with all things handmade. Please allow me 7-14 days to knit your pony for you!

Ponies measure approx. 8" long by 7" high. They are firm enough to stand on their own and squishy enough to take to bed! All pieces securely stitched--ponies are friendly companions for every age!

All ponies are hand knit with 100% soft Peruvian Highland wool and stuffed with wool from my own sheep, which I have carefully washed, cleaned and fluffed.

Wool is the perfect choice for toys, as it warms up against body heat and is slightly heavier, making the toy feel more life like. Wool also naturally healthy and clean: repelling dust and mites. It never needs to be cleaned, unless your pony is involved in a messy accident. If an accident occurs, hand wash with love: Soak in warm soapy water, then in clean rinse water. Gently squeeze out water and reshape pony. Lay flat to dry.

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