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Silver and the Lone Ranger Doll and Pony Toy Set-thatfamilyshop.com

Silver and the Lone Ranger Doll and Pony Toy Set

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This pair has shown promise to be lifelong friends to some lucky youngster!

Cocky, smirking, masked cowboy/outlaw doll and his adorable white stallion pony, pair up as the most memorable duo from the wild west! High Ho Silver!!

Silver pony measures approx 8" long by 7". The Lone Ranger doll measures approx. 8" tall. Hat is removable (see last pic) but I can easily tack it on permanently if young recipient is particularly prone to loose things... ;)

Made from 100% Peruvian Highland wool and stuffed with clean, washed, Icelandic wool. (Hand wash in warm soapy water, then in clean rinse water, carefully press out water, reshape and lay flat to dry!)

Hand knit original design will never be replicated!

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